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I wanted to share my story a little more in depth with you guys. Even though I wrote it my introduction, we all like to see before and afters, at least I do. The first picture on the left is my before, it's from the end of my 3-month trip to Australia. As some of you know, coming home from that trip really changed my perspective on nutrition and fitness. Before I left, I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted and stay skinny. However, I did not eat super bad, but as a lot of us in high school, drinking was a big part of my weekends and calorie intake. In Australia I changed my eating habits, going from home cooked Swedish food to whatever fast food I could get quick and easy. That, along with alcohol, changed my metabolism completely. I came home with extra pounds and a constant stomach problem. Whatever I ate, it made me look 7 months pregnant because I was so bloated. I did not like what I saw in the mirror, but most importantly I was miserable cause I did not feel well. So this post is not as much about how I changed my body physically, but what only 3 months of eating and drinking bad actually can do to your body. It breaks my heart to know that some people live this unhealthy lifestyle, and for a lot longer than 3 months, some their whole lives. If I can help people realize the value in investing in themselves with good nutrition and training, I have succeeded. 

Also to my ladies out there that think that lifting weights will make you big and bulky, it takes A LOT for that to happen. In order to "get lean", "tone up", and "sculpt" your body, you have to do resistance training. I usually do high intensity cardio once a week, and I do resistance training 4-5 days a week. Not everyone has the same strength or aesthetic goals as me, but this is what got me where I am today and I am so proud of my progress. My goals are to be lean, to enhance my "curves", to get stronger and faster, and to keep working on my weaknesses to be the healthiest, strongest version of myself. Why I am talking about resistance training for women is because I meet so many women that are intimidated by the gym and do not know what they should be doing or are capable of. Number 1; Resistance training is so important to improve joint function, bone density, muscle strength, mobility and stability. It helps prevent chronic conditions such as heart disease, back pain, depression, obesity, etc. It decreases your risk of injury, which is especially important as you get older. Number 2; If you are looking to decrease your body fat and increase your lean body mass, resistance training is key. Like I said, not every one has the same goals as me, or want to look like me, but I promise you, EVERYONE benefits from resistance training. I am sure we all have the goal of being able to move our bodies the way we want to and not become injured as we get older. 

I have never felt better or stronger than I do today. I feel very blessed that I everyday get to help other people find that same happiness and confidence that I did in training and pushing myself. It does not only change you physically but mentally. To work hard for something you want to achieve and to be able to look back at your journey and see how much you have changed and accomplished, is such a confidence boost and an amazing feeling. Again, everyone has different goals, a different starting point based on gender, age, previous exercise history, genetics, etc. Therefore the same thing will NOT work for everyone. We should not work to look like any one else, and it is my goal as a coach to get you to where you want to be and work towards becoming the best possible version of yourself. If you need some guidance, have any questions about anything, please reach out to me! I love to help as many people as I possibly can. 

With love,